Tersman Enterprises Inc. head office locates in British Columbia, Canada. Tersman is a company providing innovative and creative services in educational consulting, student recruitment, immigration consulting, investment and foreign worker recruitment.
Our business philosophy, "Trustworthy, Prestigious, Customer Focused and Experienced" is leading us to achieve the highest standard of Canadian educational consulting, immigration, employment and investment services. Many of our team members are Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, Chartered Professional Accountants, real estate agents, insurance brokers, travel agents and other professionals.
Tersman international student recruitment team is unique because we can provide one-stop service to those who are seeking to study or work in Canada and who are seeking permanent residency. We are proud to have established excellent relationships with many Canadian educational institutions, law firms, employer which recruit foreign talents and investment firms. Our relationships with these partners allow us to provide free and unbiased advice to clients with different needs.
Tersman immigration consultants team focus on Canadian immigration law, and this is their exclusive area of practice. Our immigration practice focus is on business immigration, skilled worker immigration, international graduates immigration and family immigration. Our business immigration clients include a broad spectrum ranging from the largest publicly traded companies to individual entrepreneurs. We have developed expertise in the Federal Skilled Worker program (FSW), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). In the family immigration area, we have also handled many marriage cases, including a very significant number of Sino-Canada marriages. Finally, our work has included a wide range of inadmissibility cases, including criminality cases, health-based inadmissibility, Temporary Resident Permits, and Rehabilitation. While there are hundreds of other Canadian immigration lawyers, immigration consultants, we believe we offer a unique perspective, because our background and experience are unparalleled in the immigration field. There are only a handful of immigration lawyers and consultants in the world who are licensed, qualified, and experienced in Canadian immigration programs. Besides, our lawyer team's first-hand experiences in other areas of law, including criminal law and family law, provide us with an exceptional ability to understand and resolve immigration problems that arise from other areas of law.
We take pride in the service we deliver for our clients, and our mission is never to stop delivering.