Our investment service team's goal is to provide every client with the excellence of investment products and services through innovation to meet each individual's financial needs. Because of this belief, over the years, our clients have given us many opportunities to prove our sincerity and professionalism.
Personal Financial Management

CCSS financial advisors and investment team service members can help our clients with life insurance, health insurance, and long term investments including RESP & RRSP. Our team members offer professional advice and outstanding products in the market and provide excellent services to our clients. Every advisor in the company is well trained and would love to help you in finding a suitable solution to your financial needs. Over the years, we have established solid relationships with many of the largest financial provider companies in Canada.
Real Estate Investment

In today’s competitive real estate market, the key to successfully buying and selling does not stop at just hiring a hard-working and experienced realtor. A solo agent can only handle as much work as one person can, no matter how capable he or she is.
Our real estate investment tea members have seen many changes in the Canadian real estate market. In a fast-paced market like the one we see today, efficiency is crucial in determining the success or failure of the sale of a property. With our determination to provide clients with the best service there is and to deliver the quickest and smoothest sales, we have effectively built a team of real estate professionals who possess diverse, yet compatible skills, professional knowledge and ethnic backgrounds. Our team of real estate professionals have successfully helped thousands of home-owners in Canada achieve their dreams.



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